We're starting our 11-week bully series on September 10/11...curriculum we designed in house at LCN.  Bullying is a big problem in our schools today.  Chances are every child attending school has either been bullied themselves, knows someone who is, or has seen a bullying incident...and this would be your child also! 

Each week our lessons include small-group time for the kids to ask questions, share their concerns about bullying, share personal experience or experiences of someone they know who has been or is currently being bullied.  
Our schools do address the subject of bullying, but we felt led by the LORD to do something here at church about the bullying problem too least to make sure our kids are informed about what a bully is and how and why they bully, plus signs to watch for in a friend or classmate to see if they are being bullied.  And most important...what our kids can do and how they can react in a Christ-like way to bullying.  The number one thing being to TELL SOMEONE ABOUT IT!

If you haven't seen our "schools" bulletin board, you should take a look the next time you enter our Surge room.  Our kids attend over 30 different schools!  If each of them could have an impact in their own school, even in a small way, it would help to stop bullying. 

We started Lesson 1 with a bully awareness questionnaire.  If you or your child didn't get a chance ot take this quiz, ask us for a copy or you can take the quiz online at: 

Our focus Bible verse for this series is:  2 Timothy 1:7  -- For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and self-discipline.  We've asked the kids to memorize this verse and tell it to a small group leader or teacher each time they attend class.  They will receive a Bible buck if they can recite the verse. 

Part of each week's lesson will be showing the kids that God knows what a bully fact he put stories about bullies in the Bible so WE would know that HE knows what bullies are.  We will talk about a different bully in the Bible each week.  Ask your child who the Bible bully was this week!
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