Goats For Africa! Looking toward a new project in September

As you know, our SURGE kids contributed their tithes and offerings towards 2 goats for families in Africa during the 2nd quarter of the year.  We are working through Partners International and their sister organization Harvest of Hope

SURGE classes had the privilege of a visit from our church guest Rene Mbongo from Senegal and the Inter-Senegal Mission.  He fielded questions at the 10 and 11:30 services.  Rene told the kids that goats and sheep are the most important animals for the Senegalese people (pigs, which we were originally going to purchase, are not eaten by the 92% Muslim population). 

After listening intently to Rene's information, the kids voted to change their mission animal to 2 (or more) goats instead of pigs...

Our goal was $110 raised for 2 goats by the time we celebrated our second SURGE
fifth Sunday missions day
on May 30, 2010.

As of May 9, 2010, we had collected:

$122.54 !!

So we met our goal early and Jacob purchased 3 goats for Senegal families through Partners International in August thanks to the Surge kids!

We'll start a new project (probably soccer balls) as the new fall quarter kicks off.


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